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Raclette serving

Discover the unusual way of dining with Raclette.

There is a many different ways how to prepare raclette. Most common way is to serve Raclette with peel baked potatoes and pickled vegetables.

How to Raclette:

  • Depending on number of diners and selected variant, raclette grills of different sizes are prepared.
  • Each guest gets a cheese pan.
  • You can enhance flavour using variation of spices which is also a part of the set.
  • Foundation of every variation is 150g of sliced raclette cheese (per person) along with peel baked potatoes. Potatoes can be repaced by pastery.


CLASSIC variant:

  • Raclette, Peel baked potatoes, pickled cucumbers and young onions.



  • Individual slices of cheese are gradually put into pans and baked under the grill.
  • Meanwhile we can prepare potatoes which we can peel of or just leave like that. We can slice them and seasson them eventually.
  • Raclette is ready as it becomes to melt and bubble on the pan.



  • Pour finished raclette directly on potatoes and other ingredients or on the plate just like that. Season with spices and it’s ready to serve.
  • It is possible to choose pastry over potatoes which you can toast on the grill among the others and then pour the melted raclette on it.



  • Each guest can consume quantities according to their needs and in time interval they want.
  • Full already? Turn of the grill for a while and continue after you rest a little.

SUMMER variant:

  • Raclette, fresh vegetables, olives, pickled dried tomatoes, pastery



  • In fond of lighter meals? Try Summer variant with fresh vegetables
  • You can grill vegetables on the grill directly and then scallop it along with cheese on a pan
  • The flavour of cheese together with dried tomatoes is trully amazing.

FLAVORED variant:

  • In this particular variant natural flavor raclette cheese is combined with flavored one.

DELIKATES variant:

  • Raclette, variations of Italian sausages, olives, pickled dried tomatoes, pickled vegetables, peel baked potatoes



  • Would you like to have something more spicy?
  • Have raclette delikates, italian sausage variation gives a true power to the cheese.
  • You can bake sausages together with cheese and olives, grill them or just eating them together with pastery.


MIX GRIL variant:

  • 300g of meat (beef, pork, chicken), 200g Raclette, fresh vegetables mix, peel baked potatoes, pastry, three types of sauces, fresh herbs for spicing.



  • Do you like cheese but can’t live without meat? Than this is the variant for you!
  • The base is formed of three different meat types
  • This option is very malleable and every guest can hold it according to his fantasy
  • Meat together with vegetables is barbecued on the grill then you can bake it in pan together with cheese, pour raclette on it, dip in sauces aso..
  • Potatoes as well as pastry can be barbecued on the grill too, then baked with raclette cheese or just be poured by it. It’s really right up to you which path you choose.



Are you interested?

Raclette is definitely worth a try.

So come and taste this unusual experience!


Our trained staff will introduce you into Raclette and show you the possibilities of serving. Throughout dining we will be happy to advise you with everything. Our goal is you really enjoing this extraordinary experience.



Another speciality of ours is a meat fondue

What‘s so special about it?

  • Instead of the oil we use hot beef broth in which the meat is prepared. The meat then gets light and delicious taste of broth.

We server:

  • 300g sliced meat (beef, pork, chicken), fresh vegetables mix, three different sauces, pastry



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