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Sýrové fondueFondue restaurant

Fondue is among Swiss national dishes although also Savoy is told to contribute to fondue‘s creation. Despite uncertainties of it’s place of origin It’s certain that in the old days fondue has been prepared by Alpine sheperds directly over the fire.

Fondue enjoys popularity all over the world nowadays and it easily became sought meal for many occasions as metting with friends, romantic dinners or celebrations.

If you would like to try this unconventional but delicious dinnig experience, come to visit our restaurant which will draw you right into the Alpine environment by it’s friendy and family-like ambience.

At us you are the one who manage the consumption rate. Stuffed already? Just take a break for a while and continue whenever you feel ready again. You don’t have to worry your meal to get cold. Time spend in our restaurant is always in the spirit of calm, tranquility and there is no need to rush anywhere.

You can therefore fully enjoy the experience of soaking piece of baguette into top quality french cheese variation or meat into delicious beef broth eventually.


Visit us in the Prague city center! Soak up the atmosphere and try some of our fondue.

Right now you can choose from Cheese and Meat fondue variant but soon you can look forward to the Chocolate one!!!

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue:

  • Inculdes 300g of mix cheeses, pastry + pickles, pickeld onions, olives, dried tomatoes


Sýrové fondue

Meat fondue

Another speciality of out restaurant is meat fondue.

What’s so special about it?

  • To prepare the meat we use hot beef broth instead of an oil. That’s how meat gains it’s specific light taste.


  • 300g of sliced meat (beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, chicken), mix of fresh vegetables, three different sauces, pastry.


Masové fondue